The History of House Beautiful


House Beautiful is a local civic association whose members are

home owners in the Dix Hills, New York area.

Originally the association was formed by 50 homes that comprises

the housing development named "House Beautiful".

Gradually, as local problems developed, the association grew to take on issues in the area.

Today, House Beautiful is the largest organized civic group in Dix Hills.

We were able to grow because of the involvement and support or our residents.

The dedicated executive board of the civic group is composed of unpaid volunteers.

After 30 years our goal remains the same...

To Keep Our Community

a Fine Residential Place to Live In.

We have faced many challenges over the years-


Such as the former Hartman Factory on Wolf Hill Road (opposite High School West)

wanting to locate another company on the unused portion of their property.

Today, 21 homes replace the old factory which was eventually abandoned.


When the Governor wanted to take almost 400 acres of residentially zoned

land on the former site of The Long Island Developmental center (LIDC)

and develop the area into a commercial zone of corporate headquarters,

beginning with The Olympus Corp., WE fought vigorously to maintain

the residential character of our community.

It took many more years of caring and involvement,

and today The Benjamin Corp. has approval to develop a

Senior Retirement Community around a golf course on the former LIDC site.

Our Community, Our School District and Seniors of Long Island

worked together to see this project become a reality.

Our organization has been responsible for the creation and participation in the

Citizen's Advisory Board of the Dix Hills Water District

The Deer Park Avenue Task Force

The House Beautiful Traffic Committee

The Citizen's Advisory Committee for Republic Airport

The House Beautiful Beautification Committee

When the Assisted Living industry tried to proliferate its business on

Deer Park Avenue, we actively participated in Public Hearings, and urged revision

of our Town Code to close the Loop-Hole in The Code which allowed

these Commercial Establishments on our Residential Streets.

Over the last several years, We have been involved in monitoring a

project which may have ultimately impacted the future of

Our Quiet Residential Area....The Dormitory project on Half Hollow Road.

The project had been plagued with unresolved goals...

That of a Business trying to enlarge its scope,

and that of Home Owners trying to protect their greatest investment -Their Homes,

and that of a community, Not Wanting to Become "A College Town".

Sometimes we have achieved our goals, and sometimes we have failed,

but at least we can say.. "We tried Our Best!".

With YOUR help We Can Continue to Make a Difference.

If any of these, or other issues, stir you, Join Us...There is always Strength in Numbers.

This is OUR community!


-Yes! There is always Strength in Numbers.

HOUSE BEAUTIFUL wants you to be a member.

-Help Keep Our Neighborhood A Place To Be Proud Of!

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